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Many of you know Marilyn. She worked 15 years as Pharmacy Clerk at Codds.

Marilyn caught the Traveling-Bug early in life. She left Belize at 18, and lived in many countries with a ten year stay in Great Britain. She then returned to Belize to contribute her knowledge to her home country.

After retiring from the Codds Marilyn concentrated her efforts on her children and grandchildren. She has helped her grandchildren develop their own business of selling juice on Saturdays. She also sells used books though the Sidewalk Sage / San Ignacio Sea Food Shop. The proceeds from the sales are used 100% to help people with medical bills or school bills.

And now you have the chance to buy some of her delicious baked goods at the Sidewalk Sage.
Just call to place an order for any of these delicious items!

(Minimum quantities apply)
Sidewalk Sage Brownies Sidewalk Sage Rum Balls







You have not lived until your tried the Rum Balls better know as Marilyn’s Rocher Balls










Marilyn’s famous Hot Pockets

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